Tuesday, February 9, 2010

A New Day


A New Day

At the rocky edge
I turn to the morning sun
Raise my arms up high
And exhale my yesterdays
Praying for a fresh new day


The new day begins
I am a knotted bundle -
Memories, habits.
But this day is untainted
And I am born again - Blessed

Thank you to Joel Goldsmith,
spiritual writer and mentor
from way back,
who, in his many books,
 reminded me
over and over again
that each day
brings another fresh 
new opportunity

and thanks also to Dan 
for introducing me
to the Tanka
poetry form


Post Script

Dan has suggested that I tell you
about the poetic form of Tanka -
The Tanka is a little like
a stretched out Haiku

We begin with the Haiku format
which has a total of 17 syllables

in three lines:
with a five
syllable pattern

and then we tack two further lines
on the end
each of which has 7 syllables.

And there you have it
A Tanka

A lovely and simple form of writing poetry
where brevity is of the essence
and being succinct
captures the spirit
of the writer's intention
in a nutshell



  1. Delwyn, you are most welcome.

    What a wonderful reward, to have such a beautiful Tanka poem written.

    Two true gems!! I am not surprised that such beauty would appear here on Hazy Moon. But I am delighted.

    For those readers of your blog who may not have been over to Mindful Heart, you might want to offer your readers a brief introduction to the Tanka poetic form (5-7-5-7-7) so that they may enjoy the delights available to the Tanka composer---and to appreciate your Tanka more fully.

  2. Hello Dan

    Thank you for your continued support and appreciation of today's efforts at Tanka.

    I took your advice and have added a brief explanation at the end.

    Many thanks and
    Happy days

  3. I love the phrase "And exhale my yesterdays." That is just the thing one has to do sometimes, and you have said it beautifully.

    Thank you for describing more about Tanka.

  4. I love your poems! They do exactly what great poems should do - they take you to the place they're about.

    I could easily use these as morning pick-me-ups every day. They exude freshness and exhilaration.

  5. Hi Amy

    Joel talked about dying to your self each day and being reborn each morning and that really is the opportunity we are each gifted with each day...

    I try to lay my grievances, my foibles and my irritations to rest each day and even though they sometimes linger and seem to have a resilience and mind of their own, I think that the conscious intention and effort goes a part way to letting them go...and that is what Joel referred to as the resurrection...

    Happy days

  6. Hi Polly

    that is very touching... thank you...

    Joel talked of the 'cross' as being a symbol of the intersection of the daily physical world of the ego and personality and the world of the spirit. The horizontal axis represents the daily world of the ego and the vertical axis the line of spiritual growth... there is always a meeting but eventually the spiritual axis rises above...

    Happy days

  7. Wow, this sounds like someone I want to read!

    What you said in your comment to Amy speaks to me. I have always been a morning person, spiritual discipline-wise, and have tended to just fall unmindfully into bed at night. But lately, I've been doing evening prayer, and recalling the events of the day before sleep. It makes a huge difference to my overall level of mindfulness and peace, I'm finding.

  8. Hi Polly

    it's all about developing what Dan calls a mindfulness isn't it...
    I am certainly no model of regular mindful practice but that is my hope and endeavour each day...
    I fall by the wayside often, lately more-so than ever!

    I have been so quick to rise to irritability...many things happening in our lives seem to throw us off the path of equanimity, but at least we are endeavouring to walk with fore thought and good intentions...and that is better than stumbling along blindly...

    Love chatting to you Polly

    Joel Goldsmith was a Christian mystic who wrote many books in the 50s and 60s. I used to read him every night as a little wind down meditation...

    Happy days

  9. Polly

    Have a look here for his books



  10. Lovely. Inspiring. And a new form of poetry too.

  11. A beautiful new (to me) form of poetry. Like Amy, I too love the phrase "exhale all my yesterdays." It says so much!

  12. Lovely Delwyn. I've tried a haiku or two. I like the brevity also. I'll have to try a tanka.

  13. Enjoyed your post, Delwyn!....

    My morning was made
    even more brighter by you
    I inhale your words
    and reply in Tanka, too
    You influence me, my friend

  14. delwyn - dan's writing and his knowledge have birthed thoughtful writing both in his own right and through your writing! your tanka is beautiful and expresses something that i am trying to learn. have a lovely and peaceful day. steven

  15. How inspiring Delwyn! Beyond the beauty of the images and your poetry ... seems to me you live your life as a sort of haiku: without excess, intentional, finding the still center of things and resting there, not needing to justify or explain, simple, meaningful being and beauty.

    You have captured the ocean, in that first photo, in such a moment of calm and stillness....What a great way to start a day!

    I'll have to give a haiku or tanka a try. Thanks.

  16. i dont know that kind of Tanka form but it is an interesting one :3

    thanks for sharing that to us

    (P.S. if you'll reply to this comment..pls. put it in my blog's comment box so that i can update my comments :D)

  17. Thank you for introducing me to the Tanka poetry form. I've been enjoying the daily haikus at Dave Kings blog and have been impressed by the beauty and power that can come from such simplicity.

    Like Amy, I was particularly struck by the line "And exhale my yesterdays."

    I need to do more of that.

  18. I'm always drawn to your photographs. Your coastline is so vast and so strikingly devoid of people! So nice to see coastal wide open spaces, Delwyn!

  19. Awesome, beautiful post, Delwyn! I love haiku best of all. Here's one for you I wrote last week:

    My wind chimes shiver
    Touched by winter’s frosty breath.
    The Cardinal sings.


  20. Delwyn - this was absolutely wonderful!

  21. Your message today
    reminds me of new chapters
    each day a fresh start
    if only I am open
    to the possibilities

  22. Hi Rosaria

    Have you tried writing Tanka Rosaria?

    Happy days

  23. Good morning Elcmae

    If only I remember to keep exhaling my yesterdays instead of carrying them on my back!

    Happy days

  24. Ellen

    the short form of poetry appeals to me too. I am not a garrulous sort of person and attempting to become more succinct is a challenge I rather enjoy.
    I hope you do have a try

    Happy days

  25. Wanda

    you are a dear...and a clever one too to whip that tanka off in response...well done...

    I think we have a tanka ball rolling...

    Happy days

  26. Hi Steven

    Isn't it great that this form of mass communication has spawned an interest in poetry - or a revival for many of us...and that we can be supportive of each other in our attempts at writing, in learning of new poets and reacquainting with old ones, and also in the enjoyment of different forms of poetry...

    Happy days

    Happy days

  27. hello dear Bonnie

    I wish that were so..I am feeling frazzled today - the BP must be high and I am irritable beyond the pale...
    too many changes perhaps...

    still I see a respite coming very soon...and many languid days under coconut palms tussled by the trade winds...

    The first photo was shot very early - it has that feel of fresh new virgin day...

    Do try the tanka...it sounds like a south american dance!
    and it is I suppose a dance of words...

    Happy days

  28. Hello Ayu

    have you not come across the tanka before? Are you familiar with haiku?
    Thanks for the visit Ayu...

    Happy days

  29. Hi Barry

    we have Dan to thank for bringing us Tanka...

    I too love the way that the 17 short syllables of a haiku can describe a scene and evoke emotions so capably, without fuss and excess.. I love pithy phrases.

    I think we can all do with more 'exhaling of yesterdays'...

    Let's make it a mindful practice...
    taking a few moments each morning to begin afresh...

    Dan would approve...

    Happy days

  30. Hi GW

    yes this big continent - bigger than Nth America, has only just over 20m people dotted along the coastlines, mainly of the Eastern seaboard.

    Many are migrating to this part of Queensland for its unspoiled beauty and lifestyle.

    Now that school is back - we have a year round, 4 term system with a long 6 week summer holiday over Christmas, it is quieter and there are fewer people out walking.

    Happy days

  31. Marion

    your haiku worked perfectly to conjure up a scene and a mood for me.
    Just lovely...thank you Marion

    Happy days

  32. Hi there sweet Jennifer

    thanks for coming by...thank you for your appreciation...

    Happy days

  33. Beautiful Delwyn. Thanks for sharing a couple of your favorite inspirational writers.

  34. Hello Barb

    that's just perfect Barb...

    you have the form down pat and the message moved me to consider our obstinacy and sometimes too the extraordinary power of habits to pull us back from the brink of paradise because ...why...fear, victim mentality ... routines... apathy...needing to be in control... ouch that one hurt...
    My lesson for today I think is to relinquish some of that need...it is giving me high BP...

    and as we know the heart is a fragile organ...

    thank you Barb
    - you have given me a gift today... I had a restless night rolling around in angst and irritation like I was swamped by mosquitoes - I got no peace...

    I am sabotaging myself and my new possibilities... a need to feel right...to prove something...to feel less powerless...oh I have lots to work on here...

    Happy days

  35. Hi Nancy

    it is nice to see you and that baby in arms!

    Happy days

  36. I love Barb's Tanka reply.

    Your post encouraged me to open to poetry today, and I'm working on one right now to post....

    Tanka very much, Delwyn.

  37. That's great Dan
    the enthusiasm has run full circle..

    Happy writing tanka days

  38. Wonderful words and reminders, and those images of bright sunshine on the water? FABULOUS! Thank you!

  39. I enjoyed the poem and the pictures very much. I really love the first picture, so beautiful

  40. Gorgeous! I can see why you moved. I’m looking forward to more beach shots. Thanks for introducing me to this form of poetry.

  41. Good morning Reya
    from 8am Noosa where it is already 28C.

    thanks for stopping by, I remember how you like the sun's brightness over water...

    Happy days

  42. Hi Lorac

    the first picture seems to exemplify that early morning fresh new opportunity very well...

    Happy days

  43. Hi Sarah

    well the beach was only 3 mins away from the old house! but I will spend more time in the park and around the bays over the year I am sure...just as soon as it cools down a little. Walks need to be taken before the day warms up...arriving back home well before 8am ...so it means early starts...and early to beds which I am happy with...

    Happy days

  44. Tanks for the explanation of Tanka...heehee! Lovely images and words, Delwyn.

  45. Hi Willow

    thanks for popping in Willow,

    Happy days

  46. The Tanka is new to me too. Something to play with!

    And thank you for sharing your walk!

  47. Hello Tom

    Well I am glad to have been of some use to you today...I hope that you try it out.

    Happy days


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