Monday, February 15, 2010

Gong that Bell


Gong that bell...

Today is a day
for celebration

I am gonging 
this great bell
at Todaji Temple
in Nara

for the benefit 
of my blogging friend
who is celebrating the end 
of his cycle of chemotherapy
at the Chemo Day Care
Princess Margaret Hospital
in Ontario, Canada

It is a custom at the hospital 
where Barry has been having treatment
to ring the bell 
as you leave the building
on the day
that your treatment completes...

ring all the bells
gong all the gongers
all across the world
and join with Barry
in a celebration
of his life

Let's think about
the wonders of science
the resilience of the body
and the tenacity of the spirit

and let's send Barry
our best wishes
and our love
for his on going recovery
and his great health
and longevity...

Let all the bells ring out now....

Gong g g g g g g g g g..............


I know that the correct day
is the 18th at 2pm
However I have begun ringing
a few days early
as am going to be mobile
and in transit
for a number of days
unable to access a computer
and don't entirely trust
the pre-set function
on the posting

But I am sure
a little warm up gonging
in advance
will set the scene
and get everyone armed
with bells and gongers
in preparation 
for 2pm
on the 18th

and don't worry...
I will hear the bells ringing
from where-ever I am
on this earth...

Many Happy Days to you Barry



  1. That's so nice, Delwyn. I know that there will be many of us joining together on that bellutiful day.

  2. how wonderful-- gong away!
    best wishes to Barry and everyone and have a good trip too

  3. I will be ringing a bell on behalf of Barry. Thank you for posting this Delwyn giving me the opportunity to know this and celebrate Barry, and science, and his life and resiliency.

    Thank you. I am grateful to have this awareness.

  4. I have several bells I could ring for Barry, Delwyn, but I will choose the loudest...our old farm type dinner bell on the back porch!

  5. Loving sentiment, Delwin. Barry would appreciate it. We're all behind you, taking turns bonging away.

  6. Hey Delwyn - I can hear you!!!Golly, lets get those great gongs going! Why I'm going to bang on the drum all week to celebrate Barry, his MEDS programme, and his imminent clean bill of health!

    Hope you have a great getaway - with a little rest squeezed in for good measure.

  7. I will ring every bell that I have in my one box. Thanks for sharing his message and your message.

  8. Ring a ding for Barry !!!!!! xxxxxxxx

  9. Thank you for sharing this , Delwyn. I will ring many bells for Barry and I wish him all the best.

    Have a lovely trip.

    Tracy :)

  10.'re so nice..i wish i could ring bells here unfortunately we dont have any bells at the house >_<

    (P.S. if you'll reply to this comment..pls. put it in my blog's comment box so that i can update my comments :D)

  11. It's wonderful to know that Barry is doing so well. His blogging chronicles of his journey have been so good spirited.

    Have a great visit there, Delwyn - how exciting!

  12. <<< boooonnnnngggg >>>

    best wishes.

  13. For Barry~
    I'm following the soul and spirit of Delwyn's wishes for you. I have a beautiful Chinese gong which I will gong on Thursday. Like Delwyn, I will also gong it earlier: on the 17th, Ash Wednesday, which represents something like the phoenix rising from the flames. And I will pray for you as I gong.
    Delwyn, you truly have a blessed heart. Love, me xx

  14. Perfect timing for me, since I am just now getting around to reading this. Like Margaret, I will gong today, Ash Wednesday.

  15. That is a heart warming tradition to ring the bell when treatment is finished. It must make not only the patient feel good but the doctors and nurse must all get a kick out of the fact someone is going home.

  16. What a wonderful tradition. With you all the way Barry. Elcmae.

  17. Hi Delwyn I heard your bells. Good wishes to you whereever you are.

  18. They ring a bell here at the oncology center. What a moment and how happy your Barry must be.



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