Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Fifty Ways to Sleep....


Fifty ways to sleep
in a fork
of a gum tree....


Speckled Butt
sat in the tree fork
for his daytime sleep

a little squashy

when I returned at lunchtime
I noticed he had moved
to the tree adjacent


and appeared very relaxed


 although the toes
on his upper limbs
seem to have a good grip
on the tree trunk


he sleeps in the full sun
in his fur coat
oblivious to the 32C of heat


he faces the ocean


takes a yoga pose
stretches his limbs


and sleeps on...


until night fall



  1. I would guess that the water of the tree running up the outer layers of the trunk from the roots to the leaves would cool the bark and make for a comfortable place to snuggle up to on a hot afternoon. Nature's swamp cooler. Verrry cute pictures. Thank you, Delwyn.

  2. Ah!!That delightful sea breeze!He's a beaut wala!

  3. That is so cool to have your own resident koala bears.

  4. How wonderful to have them in your sight so often. Seems such a gentle creature. So beuatiful.

  5. thanks..

    anyway..i havent read that hehe..and honestly i dont have patience to books as thick as that...

    but actually that book was familiar to me..we discussed it on our history class during my HS days..:P

    good luck with reading it..hope when you finish it you would make a book review so that i can have more idea about it ^_^

  6. What a fabulous photostory of a nap! Koalas really are the cutest of creatures.

  7. Ps..your china man is of a much finer material than my mudmen, but just as beautiful.

  8. hello delwyn! it's amazing how such a hard surface can be formed into a bed and a pillow by these little guys. i love the turn up smile they have. it whispers "contentment". have a lovely day. steven

  9. Hello Delwyn

    Thank you for the delightful photos! I felt very relaxed when seeing these little ones sleeping.

  10. Sooo adorable! How blessed you are to have such cuddly, sweet neighbours. Do you hear them at night foraging for food? What other night time activities do they have?

  11. That little speckled butt is shaped perfectly, to fit in the fork of a tree. I loved the one of him viewing the ocean. Your photos of drowsy Speckled Butt did have a calming quality, Delwyn! He appears so childlike.

  12. I'm going to echo Wanda's comment about him seeming childlike. He reminds me of my toddler!

    It's odd to be so moved by simple cuteness.

  13. How very sweet! Amazing that you being around and taking pictures didn't disturb him.

    Delwyn, thank you very much for your wonderful comment to my "Regrets". I really don't see acquiring degrees as so very important; on the other hand, there is so much wonderful world to explore through knowledge, that I find it totally impossible to understand people who have no curiosity to 'find out about things'.

  14. That's the meaning of embodiment.

  15. Hi Delwyn, Now when I can't sleep, I'll think of Speckled Butt, nestled in the tree with fantastic ocean views and perhaps a wayward breeze to cool him.

  16. He is just soooo precious and cute. I was telling my husband about him today. We watch fat squirrels in our yard and the fat raccoons I've taken to feeding brown rice and old apples....BUT you get a Koala Bear. No fair! LOL! Thanks for the fabulous photos, Delwyn. They're always a joy to see. Blessings!

  17. there is something so soothing about a quiet animal in repose-- sleep-- like cats- eat, stretch, sleep, chase a fly- sleep.
    I wish I had a koala to watch sleeping.

  18. It is soo fun to see koalas like this. He found so many ways to curl up in that tree. He is adorable, thank you for sharing pictures.

  19. Hello to all koala lovers!

    he is a cutie isn't he...

    Dan - you have a good suggestion there...

    Bonnie - the koalas travel 'corridors' which are routes through the forests where they know they will find the particular gum trees they feed on.

    They can make a weird grunting snort, something I've only ever heard a few times.

    Friko - he is across the road in the nature reserve on the beach front so he is completely unawares that I live opposite him in a very different kind of eirie (sp??)

    Happy days

  20. Koala noises

    If you want to hear the talking singing to his lady friend try one of these clips


  21. Koalas cont...

    If you want to learn a little more about the koala's habitat and life I found this very readable, brief article:


    Dan - it says the thick coat insulates him against the heat.

    the Butt acts like a cushion!

    and he dangles his limbs to lose body heat....

    Happy reading

  22. how strange

    the clips disappeared
    try again



  23. Delwyn

    How lucky your are!! As, I have said before precious--just precious! I don't know that much about koalas but will they approach humans in a nice way?

    Tracy :)

  24. I'm amazed by how well he blends into the colouring of the tree.

    Koalas are impossibly cute. One of my favourite pictures is of my oldest daughter holding a koala on her last visit to Australia.

  25. What a perfect design! Round bottom, smooth limbs, When I grow up I want to be a koala in a gum tree, sleep in the sunshine and watch the ocean- ahhh.

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  27. Life must be tough for a koala – love it!

  28. Claudia
    thank you for your kind remarks
    and no thanks for your soliciting....

    Happy days

  29. Linda Sue
    welcome to a new face...
    Yes, and living in that spot would be perfect...

    Happy days

  30. Delwyn
    Love your Buddha pics. I'm a big
    Buddha fan myself. I see you are from Australia. My hubby and I were there many moons ago. We started in Perth, drove up to Darwin, across the top of Australia to the east coast then down to Sydney. We loved Australia. Looks like we have alot in common after reading your profile.

  31. Koalas are such a peaceful looking creature. I have seen them run and fuss with each other so they are not all peaceful. Thanks for joining on in landlocked Iowa. You are my first from down under. I really enjoy your blog and will add you to my set of boxes.

  32. Sooo sweet! I love how he takes a yoga pose and then....sleeps. :-)

  33. Hello to Maggie and Larry

    welcome to my pages and I look forward to getting to know you both through your pages...

    Happy days

  34. He must be nocturnal. Do they usually sleep in trees?

  35. what a beautiful animal! i would love to be so close to a koala :)

  36. That is so cool to have your own resident koala bears.

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