Thursday, July 15, 2010

Red Pearls

Red Pearls

red pearls
on a vine
once treasures from
South America
now riches of glowing
fire engine red - bright orbs
beckoning to be gently plucked
their pungent aroma and sweet taste
bringing my father's garden back to life

An Etheree poem 
has 10 lines 
of 55 syllables
beginning with one syllable
and building with the addition 
of one syllable each line 
to a total of 10 syllables



  1. Thanks for introducing me to a new form poem. Enjoyed the subject, too.

  2. Your "Father's garden back to life"...touched me, Delwyn.

    My sister has been keeping my father's garden going 30 years now, after his passing.

  3. Lucious. Love the phrase, 'my Father's garden' - it can encompass so much ...

  4. My father grew roses. When he died and then my mother, my sister moved into the house. Eventually they moved, sold the beach house but not before she dug up Dad's roses which now grow at her new house.

    Love the little poem. And the tomatoes! We got gallons of cherry tomatoes off our plants.

  5. Yummm....looks great!!I love cherry tomatoes!! its a pity I could not do much on my balcony this year,mostly I have them in pots! Lovely post Delwyn,happy days!!

  6. Delightfully clever, and a fine way to remember your father's garden.

  7. Just lovely! A fine Etheree, Delwyn. I love the turn at the end to bringing the tomatoes into the emotional/mental realm.

    That turning reminds me of Tanka poems.

  8. I love that poem, which must have taken you forever to compose - a fit tribute to your Father whose memory lives on through each sense that is engaged when you think of those tomatoes. Are you still in Australia?

  9. Such precision in word choice. And they do look like pearls, lustre and all.

  10. Delwyn, always enjoy stopping by to see what your creativity and spirituality will come up with next. Love it all

  11. Well you know I am going to naturally pick that last phrase... bringing my father's garden back to life... but I also love the title... red pearls is perfect.

  12. Hi Vicky

    I have been holding you in my thoughts...

    I compose while I walk...counting the syllables on my fingers...I wonder sometimes if other walkers think I have autism or some other problem as I wriggle my fingers about...Yes we are in Australia for another few weeks yet...I am off to NZ for a week next week ...brrrrrrr

    The word verif below is winturil...I imagine it is going to feel very winturil in ChCH...

    Happy days

  13. Red pearls should be the name of a new cherry or grape tomato. Your photos make me hungry for a BLT using fresh off the vine tomatoes, but unfortunately it's too late in the season.
    I'm glad you like to write these poems... I could never keep track of the numbers.

  14. lovely post, Delwyn, and I can almost TASTE these luscious tomatoes.
    N xoxoxox

  15. Oh, those look so lush they barely look real...

  16. What an interesting verse form--syllablic poetry can be quite fun to write. Re: your comment about counting syllables while walking: when I lived in Virginia in the 80s, I wrote a lot of syllabic poetry at one point & used to wonder almost exactly the same thing!

  17. Yum, yum, yum!! Nothing much beats home grown tomatoes! Delicious photos and awesome poem!

  18. incredible poem-- it would have taken me forever to try and write on with these syllable rules-- so good thing I can enjoy yours.

  19. Hello Delwyn

    What a lovely poem and the red pearls are beautiful.

    Have a good week-end!


  20. poem and pictures a real treat. As would be sampling their subject.

    Tuck In !

  21. hi delwyn - nice writing and tasty pictures of little tasty treats. steven

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  23. I love your blog. It is filled with beautiful pictures.

  24. Beautiful post! Pictures and poem, both.

    And yes, 'My father's garden.' Oh my heart.

  25. Interesting poetic style. I have not seen that before now. Beautiful red pearls you have there!

  26. lovely and tasty. glad the garden is still going forward

  27. Thanks for the explanation - I couldn't wait to have a go! I've just written my firsthere

  28. I get excited just seeing the pictures! Tomatoes my favorite food on the planet! I came to the conclusion the other day, is their any meal or items that tomatoes DO NOT go with???

    I couldn't think of a one.

    Awesome abilities here in your write, no doubt a huge fan of a poem on one of my favorite delights!


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