Monday, January 18, 2010

Time for a Walk


Time for a Walk ...

It's high time we went for a walk
But as its 35C today
we'll make it an easy one

We'll go for a stroll
around my new home

If you walk up from the beach
I'll meet you at the entry gate

In the planter box,
below the screening
adjacent to the wall
I planted foxtail palms
with atrovirens,
a smaller feathery palm



as you came up the steps
you would have seen
the native lilly pillies
with colouful crotons


We could detour here
down the pavers
to the other apartment's pool area
but we won't

In the stair wells
we have a beautiful Solitaire Palm
surrounded by Raphis palms
beneath which I have yet
to fill in with Spathyphyllum


Here we are at our front entry


Where the friendly welcoming Buddha
has found his niche


Opposite the entry
is a terrace
where cool breezes blow
which cool us and also
dries laundry on my temporary lines

and the garden has spots for my
Bromeliad collection


which need to have their pups removed
and replanted


a good late summer job ahead


 Come down these steps
to my front garden
where I have been busy

with new plantings
and with some major pruning back

The previous home,
demolished for this building
was over 60 years old
and the tropical gardens
had become a jungle

fortunately the existing palms
have provided a wonderful skeleton
upon which to recreate gardens

Gardenia perfume wafts up to our living areas
from the many bushes and prostrate gardenias
I have planted in the rockery
and around the lawn edges

One of the many surprises
in the gardens
was to find this tree,
a crepe myrtle,
which flowered on Christmas day.
 I almost hacked it down
in my pruning frenzy

The blue behind the trees
is the waters of Laguna Bay
and the hinterland beyond

Let's take a break now,
have a cool fruit juice
and continue shortly
and I'll tell you more about the plants

in these tropical gardens...



  1. It looks like a great place to get lost in (I think I am a little jealous).

    We were just happy our temps topped 40 degrees on Saturday so that we could get outside for the day.

  2. Hello from Monday - a very hot Monday

    thanks you all for visiting and leaving your lovely comments even though it may appears that I am neglecting you.

    I am using the office computer for this post and at home my iphone is a rather temperamental and fickle means of commenting. In fact I have used up my entire month's allocation already reading your blogs in the evenings, and am now onto Beloved's resources...but his iphone will not recognise my google account - or so it keeps telling me...I can become excited and inspired and write a lengthy response and then find it can't leave home base!

    I am, however, enjoying reading your blogs and look forward to conversations again shortly.

    Happy days

  3. Oh and P.S.

    I am pleased to meet the new visitors from last post and Slamdunk just this very moment.
    I look forward to getting to know you all..

  4. What a pretty new place you love; I am envious of all the outdoor space. Thank you very much for taking us on a tour.

  5. Hi Delwyn - what an absolutely beautiful home and garden. I'm sure you will be very happy there!

  6. lovely place Delwyn :) and what fabulous views you must have!

    do you miss having the river at your back door, with all its visitors, or do you have lots of wonderful new furred and feathered neighbours? :)

  7. I hope you'll be very happy in your new home Delwyn. It looks quite idyllic.

  8. The garden of your new house is stunning! My, you have been busy!! I know you'll be very happy in your new home, but now we want to see more of the pool!!!

    Lola xx

  9. wow, i am envious of your new paradise and of course your temperatures...beautiful stuff!

    hey it is in the 30's here too...farenheit! brrrrr!

  10. nice post. I would love to follow you on twitter. By the way, did anyone know that some chinese hacker had busted twitter yesterday again.

  11. Hi anon
    nice to have you here but sorry the only twittering around here is in the trees.

  12. Tom
    my you are up early. I'm glad you can get out for a chill walk. It's now 8.20 and still high twenties.

    Happy days

  13. Hi momento

    it is so long since I wrote to you that you name won't come to me I'm sorry. We do have a local old koala who wanders down the road very slowly. I saw him in the park a few days ago , he has distinctive grey patches on his butt. And then there is the baby turkey, whom I am not encouraging...

    Happy days

  14. Hi Lola

    that pool has been most welcome today...
    I have begun to snap again so will focus in that direction...

    Happy days

  15. Hi Martin

    it is very different to the river but has it's own charms.
    The sound of the sea is soothing...and the proximity to a beautiful cove is very appealing...I'll take you down there soon...

    Happy days

  16. Thankyou Karen
    we intend to enjoy our time here. I am looking forward to coming over your way to catch up soon

    happy days

  17. Hello my friend Amy

    thankyou for the nice comment. We are lucky to have the gardens as our space for exclusive use. I love to garden and going to enjoy this almost rainforest setting.
    Many of The original palms that we have retained are 40feet tall, so very impressive and provide a perfect shade canopy.

    Happy days

  18. Slamdunk, welcome to tropical Noosa.
    One of my sons is working in Western Au where the temps are over 40C....
    That's getting hot...

    I hope you are able to get out into the fresh air occasionally. The kids must go stir crazy.

    Happy days

  19. It looks like you have been busy making your new home your own garden of eden.
    Thanks for the tour - and may I say what a bright, inviting and BIG entryway you have!

  20. Delwyn

    What a beautiful home and garden! I am so happy for you and I wish you much joy and happiness.

    Tracy :)

  21. totally awesome pictures esp. the flowers..i love it~!

    nice post..:P

  22. What a treat to see your new place.

  23. Delwyn, your new house is beautiful.
    Buddha in the entrance is my favourite.

  24. Delwyn: What inviting entrances ways! And your garden is a tropical paradise. I particularly liked the palm plants reaching up from your stair wells and the water in your pool looks so inviting. You and your DH have created the perfect spot for 'happily-ever-aftering' and for pure being.

  25. Delwyn...
    You have moved from one beautiful heavenly spot to another beautiful heavenly spot! From the garden with the scent of gardenias to your welcoming main entrance, all is so appealling and serene! I'm sure your friendly welcoming Buddha loves his new home, with the sound of the ocean waves. Heaven!
    Smiles to you...Wanda

  26. With its clean lines and beautiful garden filled with such exotic (for a Canadian) plants, your home looks both comfortable and very peaceful.

    I would love just a little of that summer warmth.

  27. Oh, Delwyn, your new home is lovely! Gardenias and a palm jungle on the beach: it sounds ideal for a vacation, what a dream to come home to it every day. I’m looking out my window at half a foot of freshly fallen and falling snow. Do we live on the same planet?

  28. Delwyn, your new home is beautiful. I have a Crape Myrtle in my front yard just like yours. Thanks for sharing your home with us. Blessings!

  29. You must get plenty of heat and plenty of rain for such luxuriant plantings. Good visiting you.

  30. Greetings, Delwyn. Thank you for the tour of your new home ~ looking forward to more! The garden is fabulous, as if it were waiting just for you to bring it to life! Did you bring clippings or plants from your former home or are all new? I read about the koala in your comments; I hope that he will be a frequent visitor to your posts!

  31. Oh Delwyn, what a breath of fresh air this whole post is. I feel if I inhale deeply I can smell the Gardenia and fresh and tropical air too. Such a peaceful and calm setting... restful no doubt. Love seeing all the foliage and plants. Thanks for this delightful departure from the whiteness of all snow :)

  32. What a beautiful garden Delwyn. All those wonderful plants and trees and the sound of the sea as background music - paradise!!
    Yes, it was the Dolphins you recommended for my daughter and she thoroughly enjoyed her time there. Many thanks.

  33. Oh - thank goodness - just what I need today - a walk with you, Delwyn. Your greenery is so inviting, but what I'm enjoying most is that sweet Gardenia smell. Your property is so very inviting. I look forward to more strolls with you (though I may have to walk more slowly for awhile - the better to appreciate, I guess...)

  34. Oh My GOODness!
    I love your new home and all your beautiful plants and Buddha.
    Many many blessings to your new place, may you make many more wonderful new memories there.
    You are an amazing gardener Delwyn.

  35. Hi Delwyn.

    Oh your new home looks so lovely!
    Gardenia perfume which I love must be very sweet! I'm a little surprised to find the crepe myrtle.
    Crepe myrtles bloom in July and August in Japan and they are loved by people here. Thank you for the tour of your new home! I enjoyed this post a lot!

  36. hello delwyn, this is a late visit after a very long day. it's such a joy to me to see you settled into the paradise of a beautiful home, wrapped in the extraordinary beauty of australia's finest greenery and flowers! i'm thrilled for you!!! steven

  37. Hello Delwyn, you've been so busy creating a garden in your new home. Thank you for the tour - and I agree with Lola, that pool looks so inviting.

  38. Congratulations on making a smooth transition to your new home - which looks beautiful, you must be very proud. Being that close to water must be very nice indeed. I would love to be that close to the water!

  39. What a lovely spot! The mature plants and your recent additions are mixing so well = splendid!

  40. You garden is just beautiful, Delwyn. What a nice stroll among green. It is so white where I am right now. Summer seems so far away, until I visit you.

  41. what a beautiful stroll through your home and surroundings-- beautiful gardens

  42. What a delightful stroll away from all our snow. Your home and garden is lovely. I especially like the Gardenia, I can almost smell it from here.
    Sunny :)

  43. What a beautiful location, on the water, but with tropical gardens all around.

  44. OMG, gardenias--my favorite flower, even had it in my wedding bouquet! What an astonishing lovely abode! Thank you for that blissful stroll!

  45. Here I am in the office again at a computer enjoying some cool air- conditioning. I have been in and out of the pool after an early 6am start to beat the sun and get more shrubs into the ground.

    Hi Kathleen - lover of gardenia...I haven't planted them before but have been picking them as I exit my gym after classes - attracted by the perfume...
    I put in more gardenias yesterday. The nursery had a sale and I couldn't resist some more trailing prostrate ones for the rockery.
    I wonder what I had in my wedding bouquet - I wasn't really a flower person (more of a Flower Person!- in an Ophelia outfit!) then I will have to look at the photos.

    Happy days

  46. Hi Janie
    It is a very special place, filtered ocean views and beautiful large trees as well as the rainforest tropical jungle look.

    Thanks for calling by...

    Hi There Sunny
    I have missed catching up with you at your place. I'm glad you like the new home...with gardenias..

    Hi Donna
    thanks for coming on our stroll

    and your company too Nancy is appreciated

    I was lucky to find the ancient gardenias under the trees and palms. After a very hefty prune they are all greening up - I have hibiscus too hidden in there...

    Why not come over and see for yourself?

    Happy days

  47. Hi Steven
    thanks for taking the time in your busy day to leave your regular warm and friendly responses...

    That pool has been most welcome in this hot summer...looking over the pool from the living area is also very cooling and peaceful...

    Hi Cloudia
    I hope that Hnl winter is giving you a break and allowing you to pull out a jumper. I am coming up to the islands soon...Son # 1 is getting married in Kauai...

    Hi Sapphire
    I love to learn of plants and trees that are familiar to us both and we find endearing. The myrtle is a comforting old fashioned sort of tree...don't you think?

    Hi Lori
    I have nature and climate on my side...and I love pottering in the garden too. In this case the canvas I was given was largely created. I only had to fill in the spaces.

    I'm glad that your daughter enjoyed my friend's backpackers. It is a bit 'far out' - some vivid pink paint splashed around, with Asian artifacts...

    I hope you are feeling OK and can exercise enough to keep you from going stir crazy... We'll take another leisurely walk's lovely to have you with us...

    Hi Vicky
    This is one of those lovely benefits of blogging - shared weather...

    I'm glad that you can take a break from the cold...

    Happy days

  48. Hi Violet

    Thanks for your visit, yes it is a big entry, in fact double in width what you can for a table and chairs and plants. A further privacy gate will also be shortly put in place. Altho' it is an apartment it is the size of a house.

    Tracy thanks for the kind wishes and for popping by

    Ellen and Ayu - it is good to see you both

    Hi Liss

    Buddha we found in China-town in Bris. over 25 years ago. He is an antique from Thailand and a very sweet door keeper...

    Hi Bonnie
    we are going to make an effort to enjoy our time here. We have never lived in an apartment before and have yet to experience the 'neighbour upstairs feeling' as it is only a holiday home for them and they are having finals works completed. Fortunately they will use it irregularly and will not holiday let it out. We also have independent access from the beach and from the garage so need never encounter the neighbours if we don't wish to. That is very comforting.

    thanks for your warm and reassuring message. We have decided to make the most of living at the beach and beside the park, and near the coffee shop!!!!!!!

    Hi Barry
    I could share that summer warmth with you today...there is enough for both of us...thank you for your kind comments...

    Hello Sarah
    I must agree that this town I live in is very special - many Australians think the same way and come here for their holidays...Not too hot -usually, not too many nasty critters and creatures in the deep...and such beautiful flora...and beaches for every sport... I'll take you down to my little cove below the house soon.

    Hi Marion, crepe Myrtle sister, lovely to have you visit...

    Hello Rosaria
    yes we get it hot but not like other parts of Au as we are still sub tropical being only 1/2 way up the east coast. Our rainfall is seasonal summer rain - often thunder storms and then we can be very dry in winter as I have shown in winter posts.

    Hi Cyndy
    The under planting is all new but I am now beginning to cut from the ground covers I put in a couple of months ago...and spread them out over the bank that runs down to the road. We are so lucky to have a good range of palms, cycads and shrubs existing in the vegetation that was able to be retained. My husband, who was the developer, made every effort to retain as many of the mature palms and trees as possible. I am also finding surprises beginning to shoot up from the ground mulch now that I am watering regularly.
    Thanks for your interest Cyndy.

    Happy days my friends

  49. I'm getting here very late, and from browsing the other comments - well, what can I say that hasn't already been said? I'm very happy for you, Delwyn. What abundance!

  50. Well am sure I am the latest! I enjoyed my walk, you have a lovely place.Natural and serene!

  51. I'd not taken a stroll on your blog in a very long time. NOW I remember why this is a bad idea. Lovely post, beautiful pictures and your home looks like paradise to me... though probably all of us can create our own paradises in our homes. My perspective is the USA northeast when winter is feeling really OLD! It's good to be back checking blogs again and yours always gives my soul respite. Thank you.


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