Monday, January 25, 2010

Friendly Neighbours


Our New Neighbours

When we first moved
into our new abode
we noticed an amiable old fellow
ambling up the road
at dusk one evening

a little wobbly
on his legs
the traffic stopped to allow him
to slowly mount the crest
taking numerous small stops
along the way.

We named him Grey Butt

This morning
while eating my muesli
in my nest
I noticed a movement
in the gum trees
across the road
and thought I recognised the neighbour

But if you look closely
at the markings
and colouration on his butt

you will see
that today's neighbour
is not Grey Butt
It's Speckled Butt

I think
I will just sit here a while
and enjoy the song of the ocean



  1. How cute is he? I thought it was a cat at first. Blessings!

  2. aahhh, you knew this would make us North Americans swoon!

  3. I love both grey and speckled butt-- so cute-- I would love to see one walking up my drive way

  4. Haha, very speckled. Pretty adorable. That is not a bad neighbor to have at all.

  5. How precious and look at that face!

    Tracy :)

  6. delwyn!! the love of my life would give me up for one of these. she held several while in australia last year and has pictures of them around our house. i'm taking it well though as they are perishingly cute!! have a lovely day delwyn my friend. steven

  7. Now Delwyn, I'm wondering are they a Him and a Her???...
    This past Summer I learned to tell, which of three young fawns, in my photos, was the friendly one by the difference in their spots!

  8. They really are adorable creatures and I'm sure their antics are endlessly amusing, as well.

    The only koala bears near here are at the San Diego Zoo and they're consistently one of the biggest draws.

  9. Like Marion, I thought the first shot was of a not-quite-right cat.
    Fantastic creatures: you are very lucky indeed!
    And I never knew they had different coloured backsides.

  10. that was s cute raccoon if im not mistaken..x3 hehe..i like the way you describe him..i laugh at the thought of him being named Speckled cute-sy~!

  11. Hi Delwyn: Like Wanda, I wondered if they are a couple. I hope those adorable creatures do not find out what you have named them!! :)

  12. How cool is that! You live in such a beautiful place, so full of life.

  13. Hi Delwyn, Now I'm wondering what THEY are calling YOU!

  14. Ohhh! My favorite... nothing screams Australia more to me. In third grade we learned all about Australia and our teacher brought in a pelt of a Koala bear she loaned from a wildlife museum... it was the softest thing I've ever touched... and I've been fascinated ever since. Seeing your neighbors, undisturbed, in their natural habitat is an amazing sight!

  15. Oh they are adorable! When I was a child, my father had to go on a business trip and I was very upset. He came home with a toy Koala bear and it's baby. I still have it and always loved it!

  16. Speckled Butt stayed in the gums opposite all day drowsing in the 32C heat. This morning the fork in the grey gum is empty. Being nocturnal feeders he has moved along the street foraging. I'll post further photos when I next go to the office.

    Wanda they are solitary animals,except of course when baby rides along on mum's back.

    Barb I hope it's not Lazy butt...Sitting as I am in my nest tapping on my iPhone...for long periods of time

    Happy days everyone

  17. Marsupials are quite uncommon where we come from. What a great neighborhood!

  18. So wonderful to be surrounded by such beauty Delwyn.

  19. Oh Delwyn... such a cute, speckle-butted critter! I am so pleased you share the wonders of Australia with the rest of us.

    I have left a little token of happiness for you on my blog... it is the "Happy 101 Award". You do teach us happiness.

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  21. Grey and Speckled Butt, clearly have to win the cuteness award today. How lucky you are to have the Butt family for neighbors, you really wouldn't want to see my neighbor's butt.

  22. I used to use butt patterns to recognize my neighbours too, but I've since learned that they prefer eye contact when they're talking to me.

    Seriously though, those are about the cutest neighbours I've ever seen!

  23. Since we're on the subject of butts, I feel compelled to confess that I'm rather obsessed with them, and frequently have to resist the urge to slap the butt of a perfect stranger.

    What would a koala bear do if I slapped his butt, do you think?

  24. It must be fund to watch wildlife that moves somewhat more slowly. It gives you a chance to take your time with them, instead of just catching a glimpse before they scamper away. Enjoy your welcoming committee.

  25. Welcome TattyTiara to the Antipodies.

    Barry last year I wrote a post entitled
    It's been a B of a day

    which began with tree butts and ended with my neighbours who are called ... Well maybe you'd like to read it yourself ...

    I'll catch up with you all from my computer soon...

    Happy days

  26. I’ve been waiting for the old koala photo. How adorable! It must have been hard to say goodbye to your old neighbors but the new one is precious.

  27. How was not sure what it was from behind. Cute as a button/lamb. Are they domesticated enough to be handled?

  28. Oh he is so cute. I seen one right upfront, but never got a chance to hug one.I was too afraid. You're lucky to have such awesome nature right at your doorstep. :)

  29. What an adorable little critter. How fun to have a koala for a neighbor.

  30. Hi Rosaria

    in the wild life parks you can hold them and pet them, in the wild you can get up quite close if like this one they are wandering on the road, but it wouldn't be safe to attempt to touch them...
    Usually they keep to food tree corridors...

    Happy days

  31. oh how cute and so cool that you've got an easy way to recognise each of them

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