Sunday, November 8, 2009

Hot Stuff

Hot Stuff

on my walk
I noticed the ginger


Shell Ginger
is a clumping ornamental ginger
called Alpinia zerumbet


sometimes referred to as
Pink Porcelain Lady


The shell ginger
has sweet bell shaped
pink and white flowers


 with a bright yellow inside petal
showing red spots and stripes


The rhizome
is native to South East Asia


and grows well in this climate


The other ginger
the hot stuff
is also a rhizome
called Zingiber officinale
from the Sanskrit word siugabera
meaning shaped like a horn

In the early 1900s
ginger was planted at Buderim
a town one hour's drive
south of Noosa
on the Sunshine Coast

The ginger was used
for the domestic market
Up until that time
ginger had been imported
from China


During the war times
when supply was difficult
to obtain from China
a plantation was developed
and now the industry provides ginger
and ginger products
to 17 countries
around the world

The Buderim Ginger Factory
produces a range of ginger products
marmalades and jam
toppings and sauces
beverages and confectionery

but my favourite
is crystalised ginger
which I love to eat
with walnuts
or almonds


 Ginger is one of man's earliest medicines
It first appears
in China's Pen Tsao Ching
a classic of herbs
circa 3000 BC
and is mentioned by Confucius
for its health properties
as a carminative
aiding digestion

It is also frequently mentioned
in Greek and Roman literature

Ginger was one of the original
Silk Road products

I like to use fresh ginger in Asian cooking
drop a few slices into a pot of tea
on a hot day drink ginger and lime cordial
or sip an ice cold ginger beer...

and of course
there are many
wonderful baking recipes
using ground ginger

Delicious hot stuff



  1. I believe the blooms have an incredible sweet perfume. My husband always says he doesn't like ginger but then he eats a plate of something with ginger in it and says how good it tastes. Ha. Worse than a kid.

  2. Hi Delwyn!! I have to tell you I have missed you.

    I can see why the flower is referred to a pink porcelain - it really does look like it.

    I always have raw ginger and the candied ginger in the house. Have never thought of pairing it with my daily walnuts. Good idea.

  3. My ignorance is astounding, I have never seen a Ginger bloom in all my days. I have missed out! You made me crave a gingersnap...mmm...
    Good post about ginger!

  4. Oh how wonderful,what a delicious post! Wish I lived in Buderim!My view of having eaten ginger around the world is that Buderim is the very best.
    Like Rosey I've never seen the plant in flower and how very delightful it is.

  5. Happy to see a post Delwyn!
    The shell ginger is an interesting little flower...I like how the delicate pink and white shell opens to reveal it's very brightly colored insides.

    I too should try the candied ginger with my walnuts and almonds. The ginger mango conserve sounds very good...I will try to locate some here, wish me luck!


  6. Very unlike North American ginger, and very pretty!

  7. Neato! I love the way you get so much information into such a poetic photo journey. I've missed reading your blog.

    My mouth is watering now. I love ginger, and have thought about growing it. I even love the word "ginger."

    Ginger and lime cordial sounds divine. I'm going to have to try that. Do you make it yourself?

  8. Great pictures, and wonderful information on ginger. I shall include this wonderful product more often.

  9. Hi Delwyn! Good to see you! The ornamental ginger is stunning! Like a cascade of bells and then orchidlike inside. We use the ginger root here to add to food, for spice as well as medicinal purposes. ((It's not especially for any one thing, though, I believe.) But it can be HOT if you add too much! Beautiful your spring! xxox

  10. Ginger is great for getting rid of bloatedness and improves blood circulation too. Ginger tea is absolutely fragrant.

  11. Hi Delwyn, The flowers of both Ginger plants are spectacular. Now, if only I had a ginger cookie, I'd be set!

  12. Ah yes, ginger means Spring here in Hawaii too. Love my ginger...and your blog, Delwyn :)

    Aloha, Friend!

    Comfort Spiral

  13. The blooms are lovely. WOndeful pics...gr8 info.

    Have a lovely, gingerly day:)

  14. Hi Delwyn, great post on ginger! We also have a type of ginger plant here, which I believe came from the seychelles, not sure where it originated, though. It's also flowering beautifully...

    Been catching up here, and I just loved the black tailed cockatoos, and your rainy windy beach scenes, complete with hula-ing casuarinas!

  15. Hi Delwyn

    I've really missed your posts, and now you're back with some 'hot stuff'. Your photographs and informative style is as enjoyable as ever.

    I'm a big fan of crystallised ginger too!

  16. Hi Delwyn, Good to see you back - I've missed reading your posts. Great post on ginger - I love it in all forms with gingerbread being a particular favourite!

  17. Looks like I'm going to have to smuggle some rhizomes on my way back from Australia next time I go!

  18. I can't eat ginger lumps. I'm not a big fan of ginger unless it is in cooking but I do love the smell.

  19. Hmmmmm, I really like the look of that ginger marmalade jam in the jar, think I will post this and go and make some toast. Yummy.

    Pink Porcelain Lady is makes me think of someone in a Twin Set and Pearls - I would have named it Plush Plump Pink Parading, or maybe Pouting Pinks Precocious Promises, or maybe Pink Panjandrums Plediforous Plenitude.

  20. Delwyn
    Welcome Back!! I would love to try the ginger marmalade on wheat bread with butter--oh me!

    I enjoyed reading your history on ginger--so much good information and the pictures were beautiful.

    Tracy :)

  21. Mmmm, I love ginger and its bitter-sour-hot taste! I discovered it only recently as it is very much an exotic spice here--I like to make tea out of it when I am catching a cold or make gingerbread with a generous quantity of grated ginger. Lovely post, Delwyin :)

  22. The shell ginger is a beautiful and delicate looking plant.

    I like ginger is a blend of flavours, but aren't particularity fond of it as a flavour on its own.

    Except in ginger ale.

    How odd I am.

  23. Good to see you back Delwyn. We have shell ginger here too. I have a big stand of it at the city house and was delighted to see there was some here at the country house too.

  24. hello delwyn - i've missed your presence so it's lovely to see you back in this part of the world again . . . . .

    i've been wishing you well.

    i love ginger. in any form, but especially as crystalized ginger wrapped in chocolate. that's a christmas time treat that i am occasionally gifted with. a close second is ginger marmalade or preserves. that it comes from such a beautiful family of flowers is a revelation! have a lovely evening by the river. steven

  25. What a lovely and informative post. I love ginger in all forms but have never seen the flower before. Your post reminded me of the delights of ginger tea.

  26. pretty flowers, but don't know any more about ginger than what i've learned today...perhaps i'll try some in my tea; always looking for a new flavor for the ever present tea! Thanks!

  27. I'm a ginger lover, too, and besides the crystallized ginger, I'm particularly fond of ginger snaps and ginger tea. Ginger and chocolate both speak to me with dulcet and seductive voices.

  28. Beautiful photos and what a name...Alpinia Zcrumbet...if I ever write a novel I will give the heroine that name!!

  29. It is so good to see you back! I was getting a wee bit worried ;(

    What a beautiful flower and so aptly named. The crystallized ginger sounds yummy!

  30. I always wanted to know more about ginger actually. How it can be used and what it goes with. Thanks.

    Haven't visited in a while. How are you?

  31. Hello Delwyn! Enjoyed your latest very informative blogpost.
    Ginger here is very popular and can be expensive, because there is a believe about beneficial medical property of the ginger roots.
    Thanks for your scientific contribution.

  32. Hello everyone

    thank you for stopping by and for your caring comments. I have been absent for a couple of reasons, firstly I have many things keeping me busy at present but more relevant I feel like I hit the brick wall - that brick wall of Blogger burnout...

    I will post only occasionally for a time and hope to find the time and energy to visit you all between posts.

    Happy days

  33. So nice to see you back, Delwyn. I have the exact shell ginger out my kitchen window. The clusters of pearly buds are actually more beautiful than the blossoms. Mine are scentless, though. Warm regards.

  34. Delwyn when I was right in the middle of chemo, I would keep drinking ginger for nausea and now I just can't stand it.

    The flowers are so pretty.

    Love Renee xoxoxo

  35. I'd never seen ginger blooms. They're beautiful! Interesting ideas for using ginger. I'm going to try some in tea.

  36. Really neat, Delwyn. I love how you give us history...always an education when I come here and I really enjoy that!
    I love ginger too. It soothes the stomach. I drink a ginger lemonade that is so delicious at my favorite Indian restaurant! They have a ginger margarita too that totally rocks!
    Yummmm! :)
    Peace to You, Delwyn :)
    So nice to visit you here!

  37. Oh I love those red shoes and dress of TheChicGeek!

    and Crystallized Ginger... I haven't had that since last winter...and I DID snack on them with walnuts...
    One of the BEST flavor combos!
    That must be in my cart next shopping trip!
    Thank you so much for stopping by my blog today ~~~
    Many blessings Always ~ Maria

  38. What a delicate flower/plant...thank you for the education and the pretty photos.

  39. I think one of the best smells in cooking is fresh ginger and garlic. Need to get back into that Asian cooking.

    Hope all is well.

  40. Such great macro shots. Informative as usual. You are a teacher at heart, my friend.

  41. The ginger flowers remind me of the exotic flowers I grew up with on the island of Kauai in Hawaii-- I still have memories of the scents.

  42. Ah ginger! I love it. Fantastic post Delwyn, so much information.
    Sometimes I buy some of the flowers at our farmers market, just a few perfume the whole house!

  43. I love ginger...especially chrystallised.
    Thanks for all the info.
    Sunny :)

  44. Hi Delwyn,
    I have something for you on my blog.
    Check my post" My First Award". Congrats!

  45. I never knew ginger flowered. I’ve only seen it as a root. What an interesting history. I brewed teach from ginger root to help with morning sickness. Terrific post - I loved how you linked together so many elements for the full picture.

  46. Such beautiful pics...Thanks for sharing

  47. i never knew that ginger grows in flower style. so beautiful and informative.

  48. Hello everyone

    Thanks for your visits and a special welcome to Sheeza and Poomina.

    I hope you are all happily munching on your candied ginger and sipping ginger laced tea...

    Love the new photo Meri...

    Happy days

  49. Hi Delwyn. I just made pumpkin bread with extra ginger!

    Hope you're well.

  50. Ginger tea is very soothing, just the right amount of tang to sharpen the day.

    This is the first time I'm seeing ginger marketed as crystals.

    And what a beautiful name - Pink Porcelain lady.

  51. How are you?! I had no idea that ginger flowers were so beautiful! There are lots of people coughing and sneezing around town these now I am off to make some ginger tea that I totally forgot I had until I saw your post!

  52. I love it! Very creative!That's actually really cool.



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