Friday, December 9, 2011

Deeds not Words

God made the illusion look real
and the real an illusion
He concealed the sea
and made the foam visible
the wind invisible
and the dust manifest
you see the dust whirling
but how can the dust rise by itself?
you see the foam, but not the ocean
invoke Him with deeds, not words;
for deeds are real
and will save you in the infinite-life



  1. This makes me think of all the wrongs that need to be addressed, yet beneath a foam of chatter, the suffering and injustices continue.

  2. Hi Martin
    I agree, even though that chatter may be well intentioned sometimes it remains as just noise...

  3. Illusional wants derail men and countries...What would the world be like if only kindness was shown by all?

    Life is mostly froth and bubble,
    Two things stand like stone,
    Kindness in another's trouble,
    Courage in your own.
    ~Adam Lindsay Gordon

  4. Actions speak louder than words - "works without faith are dead" (New Testament) - put your money where your mouth is - our deeds are indeed the actions of the transcendent and make visible the essence of ultimate reality - they all amount to the same thing.

  5. This looks like an abstract painting on a visual level.. and like the problems and deeds around us.. there are many layers..if only we could all peel the layers to find the humanity.

  6. What is essential is invisible to the eye. I think we need constant reminder like this post to discern real from illusion or truth from falsity. Many thanks, Delwyn.


  7. Sometimes, maybe invisible things imply something more important and speaks loudly. Rumi’s words give me a great chance to think over. How deep!

  8. A good lesson to start 2012. I came by to wish you a Happy New Year, Delwyn!

  9. Hello, Delwyn,

    It is great you were born under the dragon sigh!!

    I wish there were the year of the cat, as I have cat nature, I mean "Going my way".

    May 2012 be the happiest and best for you!


  10. cordially greet lovely blog:))

  11. Hello, Delwyn, I just discovered your lovely blog, you certainly do stimulate interest in your lovely continent, through your photography. Maybe Australia should be hiring you as a photographer in their tourist promotions. Your work is very powerful.
    In reading your profile you say you enjoy stand-up paddling. I am assuming this is the sport I see with a surfboard and long paddle. Is that hard to learn? I'm an older gal, 66 years, but it looks kind of fun. Looking forward to hearing from you, Connie :)

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  13. Hello:) I just came across your blog, it's truly inspiring:) I now follow you! I've looked through some of your posts, I really love your photos, especially this one of the sea:) But.. why have you stopped posting? I'm following you anyway, hoping for another poem to make me wonder even more:)

  14. Hi Delwyn! it's been a while since I've checked blogs - I like the updated look and your sunshine flowers photo. Hope you are well & enjoying the beginnings of spring in Noosa. Will we see you up this way sometime soon?
    hugs to you -

  15. Hello!

    hope you are doing well.
    just came over to see how things are going, hope you have a lovely 2013!


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