Friday, December 9, 2011

Deeds not Words

God made the illusion look real
and the real an illusion
He concealed the sea
and made the foam visible
the wind invisible
and the dust manifest
you see the dust whirling
but how can the dust rise by itself?
you see the foam, but not the ocean
invoke Him with deeds, not words;
for deeds are real
and will save you in the infinite-life


Sunday, December 4, 2011

Very Early on Sunshine Beach

Let's take the steps
down to Sunshine Beach

before the day has really begun
before breakfast
before the beach lovers arrive
before the heat builds
before the usual routine begins
while we are new and fresh
the day is young
and life begins again
Let's stroll in the relative cool
of 24C at 5.30am

a dawn Icarus
rises high 

across the path of sunbeams

a loyal pup

awaits his swimming owners

the clouds cluster and swell
as they experiment with shape
using the blue of blue as their canvas
and the wet sand 
as their mirror

and the sea rolls glass green
Oh happy day...

Friday, December 2, 2011


Ua ola loko i ke aloha

Love gives life within

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Misty Morning Walk

A misty haze filled the sky

a mist made of smoke
and sprinkled rain

the sun rose from the Pacific
as usual 
eager to pierce through the gauzy veil

Walking today 
down the wide swathe of foreshore

the high tide nibbling our ankles

to the Headland of the National Park
where dogs are given free reign

to run and scamper chase and swim
without restraint

the persistent sun finds a portal

a misty sky is pierced

however temporarily
and the world below remains


Friday, November 25, 2011

Walking along the River

One early morning
I opted for a change of walk venue

taking the riverside path
opposite my home
The Noosa River
a sedate old lady

makes her way to the river mouth
and ocean
the mighty Pacific
weaving its way down from the Lakes
Cootharaba, Cooroibah
Como and Cooloola
originating in the Great Sandy National park
in the Wahpoonga Range

Loggers floated their booty
down her flanks in the 1860s

Richard Branson purchased 
her island Makepeace
near Tewantin township in 2003
A small 9 hectare heart shaped island
originally called Pig Island
as pigs were once quarantined there
You can stay the night
in luxury for only $9000.00
without the pigs...

Though they grow well, the coconuts
that sway and rustle 
along her shores never bear fruit
the climate not warm enough

The white cockatoos and rainbow lorikeets
have left their roosts for the day
thousands upon thousands of them
rising circling screeching

except for a few stragglers
high in the gums
leaving the trees for the mourning doves
the fig birds and the noisy miners

The river is a place for meeting
for families and friends

for fun and water activities
for relaxing and cooling

the Illawarra flame tree
Brachychiton acerifolious

a kurrajong - a genus of about 30 species
drops its leaves in early summer
and flaunts her beauty
of tiny bell shaped flowers

which sprinkle the lawns and sand below
like hundreds and thousands
maybe you know them as non pareils 
or sprinkles
that cover a child's sandwich treat
called fairy bread

The name Kurrajong means fishing line
the tree's bark was used by the Aborigine
to make fishing lines 

the early morning sunshine
is like the Dreamtime 

like the rainbow serpent
conjuring elements and images
form and shape
from another world

a world of water and light
and colour
and even perfume...

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

The Real World


I, and many others
have come to a new realization

It is this: 

The only reality I can possibly know
is the world as I perceive and experience it
at this moment

The only reality you can possibly know
is the world as you perceive and experience it
at this moment

And the only certainty is 
that those perceived realities are different

There are as many real worlds
as there are people

Carl Rogers

Friday, November 18, 2011

Walking Through this Week....

It has been hot in Noosa
too hot to walk once the day warms up
so I ventured out one morning at 5.30am

walking from the beach
into the National park
on my well beaten track 
along the coastal cliffs
Only a handful of people
walked or ran 
so it was peaceful and cool

looking through the curtain
of Casuarina tassels

I was surprised to glimpse
sparkles of dew

A spongy moist fungi growth
on a tree trunk caught my eye

A baby brown snake 
lies on the track
this one left 
for the Great Rainbow Serpent 
in the sky

The Rainbow Serpent
is one of the great spirits of creation
who inhabits deep permanent waterholes
He descended from the dark streak
in the Milky Way

  Tobwabba Collective Art

and reveals himself as a rainbow
as he moves through water and rain
In Aboriginal legend
the Rainbow Serpent moved over 
the flat newly formed earth
creating deep valleys and rivers
nourishing the planet

the Macaranga flower that I showed you
a week or more ago

now looks like a medieval mace
the flower turned to seed

the sun creeping around the points 
along the walk

painted the rocks and grasses
in a different light to usual

the grasses glowed with rust and tarnish

the bright blue sky

held stark old trees in contrast

another blessed day has begun...